GOA’s Academy – New Courses Available

New Courses – Enrollment Open Now

Over time, we will be offering more and more courses. Courses are separate from content you see on the Front Page.  Courses involve you completing a series of lessons (mostly video lessons) and then providing some feedback to your “instructor”.  It is meant to be a more interactive experience with some 1 on 1 consulting or coaching built in.

It is less expensive than hiring a traditional guide and is designed to help make you a better angler.  You can review lessons (mostly video) as many times as you want. When you purchase a course, you have lifetime access to those materials and up to a year of consultations.  Ask questions, try what you learned out on the water, ask questions, watch some more, exchange additional info (written, pictures or video) with your instructor.  All correspondence with the instructor is private and confidential.  

Potholes 301 Course – Now Open for New Enrollment

The Potholes early springtime course PH 301, is also available.  It is a comprehensive course that covers not only Potholes in the early spring, but also has built into it the TECH 301 course and will be packed with additional bonus lessons from this spring on Potholes.  People who have enrolled in this course have already reported good results on various bodies of water based on what they have learned, so it will not only be helpful for fishing Potholes in the Spring but on any body of water that you want to understand better.

New Courses

COL 301 – Columbia River Springtime Smallmouth Tactics

COL 302 – Columbia River Springtime Largemouth Tactics

TECH 301 – Creating Waypoints and Tracks for Boat Positioning (fishing) and Navigation

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