What We Are All About

During our first year in existence, one of the things we struggled to define at times was our ultimate purpose.  What were we really trying to do?

At times we focused on creating unique, member content.  At other times we dabbled in covering regional tournaments.

Along the way, we discovered what works for us and our members.

Our primary offer

Our primary mission is to provide an educational platform (GOA website) to deliver information in the form of articles (posts), images, diagrams, and videos.

Some of that may come in the form of tournament coverage, but that coverage needs to help our members become better anglers.

At the end of the day, it’s all about results.  Regardless of where you are at now as a bass angler, you should feel like you are a better bass angler after working with us.


The foundation of what GOA has to offer that make us unique are our courses.  It’s not just videos about bass fishing (which you can find easily enough).  It is our commitment to provide you with the truth.  What really works.  We structure our courses in a sequential way and provide you with an avenue for a real feedback loop.  Private questions and answers.

Our courses are living, breathing, dynamic series of lessons.  They are not a one-off, one-time filming of a seminar.  We will modify and revise these courses as we learn more, and as technology and equipment change.

We will also add more courses as we move along.  We have plans to add courses on tournament preparation and tournament execution.  Also on the horizon are courses on new bodies of water and specific courses on equipment (including boats) and new technologies.

Moving forward, every membership with GOA will include access to all of our courses.  You can view the lessons in each course at your convenience, on any device where you have internet access.

Whatever level of membership you have will give you full access to all of the courses…simply “ENROLL”

This level of membership is simply a “Course Membership”.  Previously known as a Silver Membership, we have decided to name each membership level according to their added feature.

If you are a current member, you may see some email notifications about being enrolled in courses that you didn’t previously have access to.  Otherwise, simply check out the courses through the course catalog and enroll in the courses you want.


Our next level of membership (formally a Gold Membership) offers access to not only all the courses but also provides one on one, private consultations about bass fishing topics of your choice.  We will provide a private access page just for you where we can share video, images, and diagrams about real life bass fishing scenarios that you would like help on.

A consulting membership is really driven by you, the client.  You will have access to all consulting materials 24/7 or at least anywhere or anytime you have internet access.


Our highest, most inclusive, level of membership is a Coaching Membership (previously known as a Platinum Membership).  A coaching membership includes:

  • Access to all of the courses
  • Private Consulting
  • In Person Coaching (multiple hours worth, broken into chunks if wanted)

Whereas the consulting side of things is done digitally, coaching is done in person.  We arrange to get together with you and help with your goals using your equipment in a real-life bass fishing scenario.

Coaching is meant to be very focused and hands on.  A continued “conversation” can happen via private consulting to reinforce and add to things that were covered during our practice.  A specific plan is put in place and then reviewed afterward.  A genuine feedback loop is created through the entire package of courses, consulting and coaching.


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