Game Over Angling is a site dedicated to telling the truth about bass fishing (and other species from time to time).  The truth?  Like where to go, what to use, how to get there and more of the little details that separate catching from fishing.  With well over 100 years of bass fishing experience at our disposal, Game Over Angling believes that it’s time to give back.  To build a learning center for bass fishing that calls its home in the Pacific Northwest but is applicable to all types of fishing anywhere in the world.

We don’t believe in keeping secrets.  We believe that fishing is a knowledge-based activity.  It’s not luck and it’s not magic.  The best fisherman have the best information and we believe it’s time to tap into that and bring it to the world using creative content.

While we have extensive tournament experience, from the Bassmaster Classic and the FLW Championship to countless local and regional events, Game Over Angling aims to be about much more…

  • Where to go, how to get there and what you’ll find
  • Location, Location, Location.  While we will definitely cover what tackle we think works best in different situations, our number one emphasis will be on where to make your next cast and why it is worth your time.
  • Staying on top of the technological changes in fishing.  We would like to show you how today’s technology from computers and the internet to the latest fish finders/GPS units can dramatically improve your experience on the water.
  • To be totally transparent and honest about the products we use and believe in.  If we are being supplied or paid by a company we will be upfront about it.  If not, we will still give our honest opinion(s).
  • Original content you won’t find anywhere else based on our own firsthand experiences.  We intend to write about it, show you and let you listen.
  • Respond to your requests and questions.  Your input will be part of the experience.
  • Bring you multiple contributors with many points of view.

We hope we can offer something for the new and experienced alike.  We hope we can learn even more as we teach.  We hope we can bring attention and recognition to an under-appreciated and underutilized resource.

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