Why Your Prefish was Great but Your Derby Day Sucked!

Do you typically "win" prefish? But nobody, including your wife or girlfriend or worse yet, your tournament partner believe that you are really "on the fish" anymore?

National Championship? – Final Episode

I had been fortunate that fate had allowed me to be exposed from an early age to bass fishing. Both my grandfather and my...

National Championship? – Part 6

Tournament Day 2 I could see there wasn't going to be any way to predict what kind of weight would be needed in this deal. ...

National Championship? – Part 5

Confidence is supposed to be an anglers best friend. But what happens when your best friend is nowhere in sight? When you've convinced yourself that you probably won't catch them?

National Championship? – Part 4

Practice Day 3 With only one day of practice left, I decided to find more of the "good stuff" that I had discovered the day...

National Championship? – Part 3

A late-afternoon find provides a boost in morale.

National Championship? – Part 2

When you don't get a bite on your practice day.

A National Championship?

A first-hand account of what and what not to do when fishing a big tournament on a lake you've never seen before.

Bass Tournament Preparation

A look at how to plan and prepare for your next tournament.

Improving Your Tournament Process

Tournament bass fishing, like any other competition, is all about the process. Here is an introduction on what is involved with a bass tournament process.

The Eye in the Sky Doesn’t Lie

Having spent the last 25 years or so coaching athletes, one of the biggest changes and challenges has been the increased use of video....

Echternkamp and Kromm Continue Winning Ways

When you're hot, you're hot.  The weather is going to have to really get going to catch up with the kind of hot that...

Columbia River BBT  

Let’s start with the worst color ever.   No.  Fate should never take a back-seat.  Best to illustrate this with a timeline:   March 7th,...

The Future of Bass Fishing

Drake Ofsthun is a senior at Kamiakin High School in Kennewick, Washington.  He recently qualified with his brother, Reed, for the Bassmaster High School...

Echternkamp and Kromm…Again!

It might have been the 10th annual Nixon's Moses Lake Open, but it seemed like Groundhog Day to many participants and those in attendance...