A look at previous tournament experiences and what can be learned from them.

National Championship? – Part 4

Practice Day 3 With only one day of practice left, I decided to find more of the "good stuff" that I had discovered the day...

National Championship? – Part 3

A late-afternoon find provides a boost in morale.

National Championship? – Part 2

When you don't get a bite on your practice day.

A National Championship?

A first-hand account of what and what not to do when fishing a big tournament on a lake you've never seen before.

Lebsack and Lesher Prevail at Banks Lake

Steve Lebsack and Blake Lesher recently won a Northwest Bass event at Banks Lake.  Conditions were tough as the lake had just recently come off of...

Declassified: Prefish Strategies – Banks Lake

Spring Transition Time There is a tremendous amount of change that happens between the end of March and the first part of April.  There are...

Declassified: Banks Lake Prespawn – Part 2

I'm using the jig as a means to deliver the trailer. The jig itself is not the main component. It is the host that the trailer is using to hitch a ride.

Declassified: Banks Lake Prespawn – Part 1

Being a retired tournament angler, I thought it might be of some interest to begin to share a tell-all series on lessons learned from past tournaments before I get any older and memories start to fade.