How to Fish the Super Fluke for Smallmouth

    Have you tried fishing the Super Fluke for smallmouth and it just hasn’t gone as well as you would have wanted?  Do you feel like there are important details that you are missing when it comes to fluke fishing?  Are you curious about what all the hype is about this bait and river/reservoir smallmouth?  If not, then there is no reason for you to enroll in this course, but if that description does sound like you then it’s time to jump in, take the plunge.  Learn from some of the best and skip out on the years of frustrations and “doing it wrong”.  We’ve made lots of mistakes and adjustments in the past 20 years with this bait, so you don’t have to.  If there is one thing that the founders of Game Over Angling are most know for, it is their use of the Super Fluke for catching giant smallmouth.  We are about to spill the beans and lay it all out there.  Fluke fishing is more than just a bait, it’s a technique, a frame of mind and a great way to teach somebody who is new to the sport of bass fishing why you love it so much!  

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    What Others Have Said

    Excellent Info
    By: Buck Brunner

    Excellent info on salt and color selection as well as considerations for scent.

    This Course Elevated My Fluke Fishing Game
    By: Tag Watson

    I've been a fan of fishing the Super Fluke for smallmouth for many years. When GOA announced this course, I was confident I could benefit tremendously from Don's extensive knowledge of this lure. There were a few specific takeaways in this course that instantly helped take my fluke fishing to the next level, and provided me increased confidence in the lure and the corresponding technique(s). I caught a number of 4+ lb. smallies on flukes this season that I am convinced I would not have caught in these scenarios prior to taking this course. I highly recommend this course to any angler who's interested in supercharging their fluke fishing!