Creating Waypoints and Tracks for Boat Positioning and Navigation

    If you have already taken the Potholes Course on Using Modern Technology then this course will have repetitive content and is not necessary or recommended.  

    Course Description

    This course focuses on using modern technology to locate specific structure and cover elements to fine tune bass locations and then be able to use your system on your boat’s GPS unit.

    Course Details

    • How to create an organizational (file) system using Google Earth
    • Categorizing and Labeling Structure/Cover using Google Earth
    • How to create, label navigation tracks
    • How to create, label fishing tracks
    • How to transfer waypoints and tracks to your GPS unit
    • Practical on the water applications – How following this system or using this to develop your own system will make you more efficient on the water with a better understanding of your surroundings than ever (regardless of how much experience you have).

    Body of Water Examples

    • Potholes Reservoir.
      • Potholes is our example because it is so complex and offers the perfect learning environment for how to create a system.  Even if you have never been or never will be to Potholes Reservoir, you will still learn how to use Google Earth and your GPS unit to create a system that works for you.  

    Who this Course is for

    This course is designed for the serious bass angler who is familiar with some of the modern technological tools at his/her disposal but wants to take things to the next level.  If you are unfamiliar with using Google Earth, then we recommend you start with the basic Google Earth topics and topics on the Front Page.



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