Columbia River Springtime Smallmouth Tactics

    Course Description

    This course focuses on locating and catching springtime Smallmouth on the Columbia River.  Ranging from pre-spawn into early summer, this course is one of a kind for mastering the mighty Columbia River in the spring – one of the greatest Smallmouth fisheries in the world.

    Course Details

    • Pre-Spawn locations, timing and patterns
    • Details on the types of structure, cover, and depths to focus on for big pre-spawn smallmouth
    • How to prioritize various location elements (what to look for first, second, etc.)
    • Efficiency, and timing.  When to stay and when to go.
    • Spawning grounds characteristics
    • Dispelling common spawning myths
    • How and why Smallmouth use much more of the river much more of the year than most people realize to spawn.
    • Using Modern Technology to assist in locating springtime river Smallmouth
    • Bonus section on navigating the awesome Columbia River backwaters.

    Who this Course is for

    This course is designed for nearly all levels of bass angler.  Whether you are a “seasoned pro” or are just trying to learn either the Columbia River or Smallmouth, you will find a wealth of information in this course.  You will likely watch this content over and over again.  You can find primers on this course in the Front Page (Columbia River Master Series).

    Course Requirements

    • Internet access
    • Understanding of basic Sonar/GPS use
    • Understanding of how to Use Google Earth
    • Access to computer/laptop/tablet
    • Basic bass boat operation
    • Basic bass fishing equipment


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