How To Use Modern Tactics to Locate and Catch Bass – Potholes Reservoir

    Course Description

    This course focuses on using modern technology to locate specific structure and cover elements to fine tune bass locations.  In addition, springtime bass habits are covered and combined with location techniques to put you in touch with bass more consistently.  Finally, the course covers some very productive swim jig techniques including tackle considerations (rod, reel, line) when using swim jigs.  The body of water focus for this course is Potholes Reservoir, Washington.

    Course Details

    • How to combine multiple structure and cover elements together to create a system for locating bass
    • What type of structure and cover bass like to use for pre spawn staging and how to identify, mark and label those elements using Google Earth
    • How to anticipate bass movements from winter into spring
    • How to most effectively position your boat to best work structure/cover
    • Techniques for using a swim jig in the springtime
    • What some of the best rod/reel/and line combinations are for springtime swim jigs
    • How to create a system using Google Earth
    • Categorizing and Labeling Structure/Cover using Google Earth
    • How to create, label navigation tracks
    • How to create, label fishing tracks
    • How to transfer tracks to your GPS unit

    Who this Course is for

    This course is designed for the serious bass angler who is familiar with some of the modern technological tools at his/her disposal but wants to take things to the next level.  If you are unfamiliar with using Google Earth or new to Potholes Reservior, then we recommend you start with the basic Google Earth topics and Potholes Master Series topics on the homepage.


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