Thirty-Two and Change – Part V

Fish #5 – 7 lbs

Lure:  Dirty Jigs “No Jack” swim jig (3/8 oz, Hemotoma); Keitech Swim Impact Fat 4.3 trailer (black)

Rod:  iRods Genesis II – Stone Cold Swim/Vibrating Jig

Reel:  Shimano Chronarch Ci4 (7.6:1 ratio)

Line:  50lbs braid mainline (Diawa J-Braid X8); 12 lb P-Line Shinsei leader (joined w/ Alberto knot)

2:30 PM

Things just got serious.  According to our math, we had a 5 pounder to get rid of.  A wind storm was in the forecast, and we hadn’t really planned on being out very much longer.  We knew that in order to beat our Potholes record, we had to “cull” in a big way.  It would take something close to 7 pounds to accomplish that.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get the drone up before it blows too hard and capture a good fish catch or two?  Even better if that catch could be the one that put us over the top of our old mark.  With little time to spare, we big-motored back over to an area we started the day in, mostly because it was somewhat protected by trees if the wind came up, but also because we were confident that a seven pounder was in the area.

Ryan is the drone pilot, so that left me with the task of trying to get lucky and catch a “pig”.

A quick work around some other mid-channel cover, hoping for the best. It was worth a couple of largemouth, but not the right kind…

Final Approach

While I move high speedo on the trolling motor, Ryan takes the drone up high for a look around.  As I approach the fateful area, he comes back in to see if it will happen.

Looking East
Looking West
At this point, I wasn’t real confident it was going to happen, but had one last option and then we probably would call it a day.
Potholes fishing
With storm clouds brewing and the wind started to pick up, it was now or never.



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