Excited for Spring

All the signs are there, we just needed to get the “O.K.”

May 5th is the day we are set to bust loose. That is the collective “we”. Hopefully you’ve kept your wits about you enough to remember how to tie a knot, hook up the boat or put in the drain plug.

Lots of big plans and destinations to go to. It’ll be hard to hit ’em all in a day. So I’ll try to pace myself some and play the long game. The month of May can be such a good month on so many bodies of water – you really can’t go wrong.

Dogwoods blooming, you know what that means…

Here’s is GOA’s plan moving forward as we transition out of this crazy pandemic:

Coming up…

  • Regular blog posts (3-5 times per week)
  • Video segments on tackle, tips, and technology (see GOA’s YouTube Channel)
  • New and improved courses that get into location details and how to integrate today’s equipment with a successful day on the water
  • A redesigned website meant to bring a sense of community to the foundation of Courses, Consulting, and Coaching

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