Game Over Academy is about offering you courses designed to make you a better angler.  Simply read the course description for each course and decide if it is right for you.   Members receive a discount on courses.   Most courses will have a limited enrollment so we can provide the kind of one on one interaction that make courses unique.  It's guiding combined with coaching and a good seminar.  

Scenes from the upcoming courses...

The video courses will provide clear instruction on:

  • How to find fish, including using modern tools and technology to assist you
  • How to catch them after you've found them
  • How to modify baits to be even more effective
  • Our recommendations on types of baits, rods, reels, line and other tackle
  • How to be effecient while you are on the water
  • How to become better as a tournament angler
  • How to understand bass movement and locations
  • How to be precise about your boat position and your presentations