Top 5 Baits for Potholes Reservoir in April

Hollow Bodied Frog

While it can be a little “hero or zero”, the hollow-bodied frog should always be a consideration – yes, even in April.

Bass will attack frogs even in the spring. It may not be your main weapon, but it should be something you come back to every now and then.

Frogs Here


Think copper is just for dirty water? Copper works well even in clear water, and is especially suited for some of the tanic -colored waters that exist at times at Potholes. War Eagle Copper.

Spinnerbaits are the forgotten lure in many places and bass will react accordingly…like it’s something new. Despite the clear water that occupies most of Potholes in the spring, a spinnerbait is a great option especially in the wind and rain when visibility is reduced some.

Trick Worm

Zoom Trick Worm
Trick Worm(Bubblegum) rigged with 3/0 Gamakatsu offset hook

Known as a deadly bait anytime bass are up and around flooded willows…guess what Potholes has a lot of for cover? The best part about this bait is that it is an entirely visual experience – you see the bait nearly the whole time and therefore you see the strikes. Addicting.

Trick Worms

Punch Rig

While not meant to be your typical heavy-duty punch rig, this modified version in the 3/8 to 1/2 oz. range will produce some of your biggest bites at Potholes in April.

Not your grandpa’s jig-n-pig, the 21st century version is more versatile and less snaggy with an unlimited amount of trailer and skirt options.

Punching Tackle

Swim Jig/Swimbait Combo

The concept is the same…a paddle-tailed swimbait riding on a swim jig. Colors, sizes and other options are up to your imagination.

Essentially a dressed-up swim bait, a swim jig and paddle tail combo has the perfect blend of subtlety and all-terrain characteristics. Thick cover and clear water? Bingo!

Keitech Swing Impact Fat

Dirty Jigs No Jack Swim Jig

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  1. This reservoir continues to surprise me every time I fish it, hear things, or read things like this. Frogs fishing in April, just after the ice melts? Originally from the Northeast, I never would have thrown a frog just after the thaw. NEVER. You really have to go with an open mind when fishing Potholes.

    The bubble gum, or let’s be serious “pink” trick worm was always a joke to me. I went to an old BASS seminar one winter (it’s now BASS U) about twenty years ago and one of the pros whole presentation was on this exact lure. I left still thinking it was some kind of joke. If you don’t have a bag of these at least as an option your missing something that should be in your tackle box…

  2. I was at Walmart a few months ago and for some reason, they had about a dozen bags of pink Trick Worms on a rack. Apparently, they couldn’t sell them ’cause they were marked down to $1 per bag. It took that problem off their hands.