Swim Jig Tackle Tips

Personal Preferences

Ryan and I have slightly different tastes when it comes to rigging for swim jigs.  Ryan prefers to use 14-16# fluorocarbon main line, while I prefer the braid to FC leader combo.  Both ways work and catch fish.

Below are our recommendations on the best setups we’ve come across (for the dollar) for swim jigs.  There are more expensive routes you can take, but as of now, we can’t say those more expensive options will put more fish in the boat.

(March 2018)

Top Recommendations For Swim Jig Tackle

iRod Genesis II -Stone Cold Swim Jig Rod

Megabass 7’2″ Diablo Spec R Rod


Braided Main Line (50#)

FC Main Line

FC Leader (12#)

Jig (3/8 oz)

Keitech Trailer (4.3 or 4.8)

Gambler EZ Swimmer

Trailer Keeper

Trailer Lock

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