Making a Hair Jig – Episode 1

In this multi part series GOA is going to show you how to create many different types of baits.  In Episode 1 we are going to focus on the hair jig.  Historically you will find that hair jigs and preacher style jigs can be expensive to purchase from your local retailer.

In this first episode I want to show you how easy and inexpensive it is to create this simple bait. In part 1 of episode 1 we are going to cover the materials needed to make a hair jig from start to finish. This type of hair jig will consist of a 1/4 oz. lead ball jig, pseudo hair, medium chenille, and rabbit strips. Pretty simple.

Part 2 of this first episode will be the complete step by step instructions on how to make the hair jig. So, grab a beer and enjoy. If you have any questions please ask in the comment section below.

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  1. Very nice,
    I have also found another great way of tying these instead of the pseudo hair is to spin a marabou collar, craft hair or even a small deer hair collar to add a little bulk to the jig and then add the pseudo hair or the spun marabou over the deer hair collar. it creates more of a flair to the collar you created. Again very nice.
    I am immensely enjoying what everyone is presenting on here.

  2. Hey Ryan
    Ive never used the pseudo hair before. Does it have a diff action than marabou? Is there a pro/con to using the pseudo hair over the the craft or marabou?
    This is great timing, was gonna tie dome H jigs up for Samm this spring/summer. Thanks for the insight.

    sidenote: those things will demolish the triploids at rufus if you find yourself there. That may be old news to u though…

  3. Zach, Pseudo hair does have a different action. Typically the pseudo fibers are longer and thus they appear to “flow” differently than marabou. IMO the pseudo fibers hold up better to repeated abuse. I think all 3 products are good. It really just comes down to what you want the overall profile to look like, and what type of “flow” you want in your bait. It’s hard to explain but if you put all 3 of these products in the water you will definitely see how different they respond.

    Great info, I didn’t know that about rufus. I’ll be sure to take some with me if get a chance to hop over there while at Banks. Just so you know, the last time I was at the Klickitat the steelhead and salmon sure did like them. Again, the black one worked the best.

    1. Zach, I have and I do. When I first started tying these I would tie them with a rather long tail, take them out and fish them, and then little by little I would cut off some of the tail until I thought the swimming motion of the jig was just right. Now I have a preferred length that I just stick with. If you do this be sure to cut the tail at a 45 degree angle so the end piece still looks the same as before you cut it. Just shorter.

  4. I didn’t know we had so many anglers out there tying their own jigs. To cool ,, I thought I was the only one.
    If anyone ever has any questions about tying jigs or flys….. Back ground on myself.. I use to tie professionally for several fly shops including Dan Baileys in Montana when going through college. Please ask..
    Experiment with different kinds of materials, flashabou, krystal flash, different types of hair even other furs, and you will be surprise the advantage you will have over the other anglers and how the fish will react.

    1. Kevin, you might wish you didn’t say that. I’ll be calling you. Good stuff. Totally agree, these hair jigs can be phenomenal on certain days.

  5. Seems impossible to find black pseudo hair…
    I did dig through a closet and found an old Halloween costume, its an Ape mask, all the fur is black pseudo hair. Got it at walmart for like 10 bucks, enough hair for a few years of tying. A way to get your hands on some if youre in a pinch

    1. Zach, it is definitely getting tougher. Great tip, I never thought about looking for a Halloween costume. Good call. Looking forward to hearing how the HJ bite is for you.

  6. Ryan,
    Got the HJ out two weeks ago for some deep smallies on WA. I tied up some on a 3/4oz head so maybe that was the issue because of the bigger hook, but the tail kept wrapping around the hook on the cast. Do you ever experience this? Maybe its an indication to trim the tail some? My guess is the bigger hook is prob the issue.