TAC 301 – Fishing the Super Fluke for Smallmouth is now open for enrollment.  The course will begin July 31, 2017.  The course will go into all the details on the Super Fluke.  Including on the water footage as well as honest information on everything from rigging, to retrieve techniques to how to choose locations.  20 Years of Fluke fishing for trophy smallmouth is packed into this course.

If you are a Silver (original member) or Gold member, you may be eligible for a free course.  Go to the membership page and fill out the form to take advantage of the course you want to enroll in.  If you have already used up your free courses for the year, then depending on your level of membership, you will receive special discount pricing on the course.  If you are a Platinum Member, this course (as well as all other courses) is FREE.

TAC 301 – Fishing the Super Fluke for Smallmouth will help you master a bait, a technique and a way of breaking down the water for big smallmouth.


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