“Random” 7lbers

Sometimes the stars just lineup right, or maybe you “hold your mouth right”.  A bunch of old adages about getting lucky come to mind.  Yawn.  Let’s get onto the story.  Potholes Reservoir has been kicking out the big LM lately.  Game Over Angling has been all over it, registering over a half-dozen fish in the 7lb class recently – and learning a little more after each and every one.  You see, we don’t believe in “random” big fish.  There is always a reason for why a big bass does what it does.  They are uncomplicated that way.   They don’t seek hobbies and don’t “chill” or “hang out”.  They eat, survive, eat some more and once a year, they reproduce.  The complexity is generated in the minds of us…the anglers make things complicated.


Sometimes it’s easier to attribute your success as “random” at a place like Potholes where there is so much to process.

We could keep things simple and just throw out some more clichés like “whoever makes the most casts wins” and “cover water” along with good old fashion “time on the water”.  Those things will all produce 7 lbers in time.  Seizing on those moments of fortune and learning from them is really what this is all about.  When you are rewarded with a giant, can you make sense of it?  Can you ask and answer the “why” questions associated with that fish?  Did that 7lber just bless you or did she make you better?  She was talking to you, but were you listening?

Easier to talk baits…like this swim jig by Nichols and this trailer by Gambler.

Film study

We’ve been doing a bunch on the water and now we are analyzing the video.  Amazing what you can see when you know what to look for…and you have a way to look for it.  Part of the film study is not only to review what we caught, but where and why.  For example, I’ve picked up on a couple of subtle clues that seem to correlate with some of the big largemouth lately.  It was only through some film study that this could be analyzed.  Film study also gives us a chance to test equipment in an impartial way.  We can slow down the video, pull out images and look to see if what our equipment is supposed to do or what we think it does is really what happens.  Look for rod and reel reviews as well as what’s important in line and baits as we reveal lessons learned from this film study.

How does your equipment really perform when you get the fish on that you were looking for?

So look for upcoming revelations from the water.  Stuff we’ve learned, are still learning along with all the questions we still have.  It’s all in the name of “research” or yeah, you could call it “time on the water”.

It’s probably way to early to throw a frog…


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  1. Gotta love those “random” ones. My girlfriend made the paper last week with one of those fish, sure helped my buddy and I dial em in that day for 27lbs.