Prespawn Boat Positioning

We let it fly a little in this one.  Lots of info, tips, and tricks on how to break down cover and structure and ultimately position and work your boat in and around those things.  Feel free to use it in a prespawn scenario near you!

Points of Emphasis:

  • Relationship of cover (weeds, wood) to deep water breaklines (structure) – an essential part of prespawn fishing.
  • Using tracks to outline features
  • Using waypoints as places to start or approach locations on those outlines
  • Working into the wind to control pace
  • Boat position in relation to structure and cover to make things efficient for both anglers

Tackle Used:

Dirty Jigs No-Jack Swim Jig (3/8 oz.)

Nichols Sabre Swim Jig (3/8 oz.)

Gambler EZ Swim Baits

Trailer Keepers

Diawa J-Braid (50#)

P-Line Shinsei FC Leader (12#)

Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Rod 7’2″ Med Hvy

13 Fishing Concept “A” Casting Reel (8.1)


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