Google Earth Basics: On Screen Navigation and Using the Toolbar

Before we can go much further into how to really dissect a body of water using Google Earth (GE), we need to make sure we are all good with the basics.  First on our list of basics is how to move around on screen and how to use the toolbar while using GE.  The following videos cover those topics.

On Screen Navigation

Using the Toolbar in Google Earth

There are a bunch of features and functions inside of GE.  I am just going to highlight the most important buttons on the toolbar and what they do.

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  1. Game over! Is right I look forward in the future hoping the site is going into guide service style.
    I’ve been lucky enough coming up in the b.a.s.s. nation to draw some of the most elite WA state has to offer.
    I’ve learned a ton but the information this website has already provided I will gladly pay to fish with these folks…
    Yeah I wanna out fish them but I’d rather have them take me out armed with a pen an pad period…

    1. Thanks Shane,

      By joining (membership) and enrolling in courses, you are effectively getting access to several “guides” without being at the mercy of how the fishing is on that particular day on the water. You can stop, push pause, rewind or read it again. Then a day or two later, you can ask a question and repeat the whole process over if you want. A month or two later…same thing.