Beaver Hut Ecosystems

If you’ve read any of the earlier parts of the Potholes Master Series, you’ve probably read some of my stories on my earliest attempts to figure out the beaver huts.  I’ve gone from thinking they were everything at Potholes, to thinking they were not important to now where I’m somewhere in between.  Some huts at some times are the deal.  The same hut at another time, just a pile of willows!  But the timing aspect isn’t our focus right now.  The first things we need to establish are:

  1. Where are the huts?
  2. What type of hut is it?  (shallow, deep, in between)
  3. How can I use Google Earth to accomplish numbers 1 and 2?

Some of this video is going to assume you’ve watched “How to Build a Better Dune“, as I’m going to reference dune elevations.

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  1. So I was practicing finding and marking huts and saw several beaver dams but didn”t recognize what they were. I’m really feeling like you’ve added three layers to what I know about Potholes in just the last few days.

  2. Really shows that the computer/device you’re using makes a difference. I have an older laptop and its far more difficult picking out the huts than on your screen shots. Used my father-in-laws Microsoft Surface and it was a night and day difference.
    Great stuff Don