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“I think GOA is the best for bass fishing videos/tutorials.  They have something different to offer than most sites.”

Brandon Palaniuk

2017 B.A.S.S. Elites Series Angler of the Year

“I’ve been a fan of fishing the Super Fluke for smallmouth for many years. When GOA announced their course on fishing the Super Fluke for smallmouth, I was confident I could benefit tremendously from Don’s extensive knowledge of this lure. There were a few specific takeaways in this course that instantly helped take my fluke fishing to the next level, and provided me increased confidence in the lure and the corresponding technique(s). I caught a number of 4+ lb. smallies on flukes this season that I am convinced I would not have caught in these scenarios prior to taking this course. I highly recommend this course to any angler who’s interested in supercharging their fluke fishing!”

Tag Watson

Trophy Bass Hunter

About the Super Fluke for Smallmouth Course

“The Game Over Angling program changed the way that I will approach tournament fishing forever. Signing up for all of the courses, coaching and consulting offered in the program was the best bass fishing investment that I ever made. I already had great equipment prior to entering the program but I found out that I did not know how to use it very well. I am now properly utilizing the technology that I already owned. GOA taught me a new way to approach at home research, tournament preparation and strategy. I learned how to breakdown WHY good things happen and to pattern fish. The GOA program helped me to improve more in just a few months then I had in the last few years combined. I know that anyone who participates in the full program and works hard to apply the information will be astonished by the results.”

Matt Johnson

NW Bass Angler

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