Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge a “membership” fee to view some of the content?  

We feel the content is worth it to some and in some cases represents either a lifetime worth of work and intellectual property or is on the cutting edge of current information.  The information on this site could easily be published as a book or made into a DVD, but we prefer being able to update continuously and enjoy the interaction with members.  It is the information that we ourselves always wanted to find.  Since we could never find it, we decided to create it.  

Why not just have sponsors that pay for you to put up content rather than charge memberships?  This is how other sites do it.

Exactly, and all that information is slanted towards what the sponsors want.  We want a place that people will go that is not advertising disguised as unique information.  When we talk about a product, it is based on what we really think, not what somebody is paying us to say.

How are “Courses” different from the regular content?

Courses are meant to be more like a virtual guide  experience, more interactive than regular articles and videos.  The content is even more specific and intensive in Courses.   Courses are designed on a consulting, guiding, coaching model.  They are intended to move the needle in terms of improvement for those who enroll and participate fully.  They are priced competitively to a guide trip, only you have access to the content for as long as you want.  They are not meant to be for everyone and enrollments are kept to a number that allows for more 1 on 1 interaction.

Won’t you keep the best information to yourself for your next tournament?

The founders (Don and Ryan) are officially “retired” from tournaments.  At least in a serious way.  I suppose we could fish a fun event here and there, but our focus is GOA.  

What locations will you be covering?

In time we intend to cover most of the major regional (NW) bodies of water.  This represents ongoing “research” into these places, not simply what we did a few years ago.  This will require constant visits and fishing trips (oh darn!) to update information.  We intend to branch out of the region as we go, but will always continue to strive to learn more about our “local” rivers and lakes.

Will you keep information general and not give away too many details?

We are not into selling waypoints. Sometimes we will detail a specific location to illustrate an idea. Ultimately, we want this site to be a “lighting of a fire” instead of a “filling of a pail”. You know, the whole “teach a man to fish” vs “give him a fish”? We want to inspire and provide a spark for those “light bulb going off” moments.

I’ve noticed you have had several other people contribute.  Will that continue?

We would like to bring you the best contributors as often as possible.  If you or someone you know would like to contribute, then you may contact us.  



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