Consulting & Coaching

Want to learn a new technique?

Want to learn a new body or water?

Maybe it’s a specialized skill set like sight fishing or navigating big water that you want to finally master.

Feel like you have spent a bunch of money on the latest technology but don’t feel like you are using it to its potential?

Got a big tournament coming up?

Maybe it’s not just one tournament, but you really want to take it to the next level with your tournament fishing.  Everything from prefishing to execution on tournament day as well as the mental side of bass fishing.

You might be just getting started to learn how to bass fish, but you are ready to shave years off that learning curve.

Maybe you have a bunch of experience, but are just new to some of the lakes and rivers in the Northwest.

We can help!  If you are not seeing what you are looking for in our Memberships or Courses, then we can set up a personalized plan just for you!  Our Gold and Platinum Memberships have consulting and/or coaching built into them.

Read below to see the basic differences between courses, consulting and coaching.


Courses are packaged content (mostly video) that are set up and sequenced to address a particular topic.  There is some feedback and correspondence (usually email or text) that is part of any course.  That correspondence is limited to the topic(s) of the course.


Mostly off the water, consulting includes unique on the water video as well as images and mapping how-to. Consulting is designed for the angler and addresses specific needs and situations.  Consulting involves:

  • private content (videos, posts)
  • email
  • text
  • phone


Mostly in person, coaching involved direct, hands on instruction with the angler using the the angler’s own equipment.  Much how football players and coaches use practice and game film to improve, video can be taken and reviewed later by the angler and coach.


The best in the world at any sport or activity have coaches.

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