Tackle Tuesday – One Treble Trap

A silent copper trap made of wood?

All of our favorite things in a homemade bait.  As evidenced below, it works too.  We began converting many of our cranks to a single, larger sized treble on the front while leaving the back hanger either open or playing around with feathered teasers.  It was fun stuff, and by all accounts, the single treble seems to help in hookups and not hurt.

It doesn’t have to be a homemade bait.  Convert any of your cranks to one single hook (slightly bigger than whats on there).  You’ll probably find that fish won’t be able to leverage the two trebles against each other and get loose, plus it puts the one hook at the exact spot where bass tend to strike the bait.


lipless cranks


specific hooks used in this video (#2 size)


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