An Introduction to Google Earth and Potholes Reservoir

This is the beginning of an exploration of Potholes Reservoir and how to better understand it using some tools such as Google Earth.  There will be many parts to this and at the end of this series (assuming you follow along) you will be able to decide if you want to learn more.  Things will start pretty basic and gradually heat up until I’ve shared things I’ve never shared with anyone other than my tournament partners.

As always, your comments are invaluable and I will try to respond to as many as possible and will definitely listen to all suggestions and ideas on additional topics to cover.

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    1. You’re welcome and thanks for replying. I’m like you and can’t learn enough. Doing this keeps me learning.

  1. I showed a friend that feature with Banks lake when he was trying to find the road beds there. The need I have is to transfer that info to my lowrance like finding the beaver hut and transferring its location to my lowrance

    1. We’re getting there, I promise. Along with why one piece of cover or structure is better than another. In addition, as we uncover new methods, we want to bring that to light as well. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Short and simple to understand, keep them coming! Using Google Earth is essential for any fisherman especially on a new body of water.

  3. This is awesome,,, I am soaking up everything up like a sponge..

    Thank you for taking the time to allow us to see inside Don Hogue the angler..

      1. Thank you,
        I have noticed some of the neck down areas back in the dunes running in April and May get shallow and when running some of the islands are a little exposed but still shallow I feel you need to watch out for. You wouldn’t recommend looking at Potholes at drawdown and plotting a route through the channel to place on your graph for someone who doesn’t run back there much?

        1. There is a way to do it and a way not to. If done right, you are pretty free to travel through most of the dunes, most of the year. Not an issue till later in the summer, but we are going to cover this in a course soon.

  4. Just starting to use this info to pre-fish, Is there an easy way to transfer LAT/LON that I take off of Google Earth and transfer them to my Humminbird 1198c or 898c with Lakemaster or Navionics? I love the website guy’s you are really helping me and my buddy take some big strides in getting to be a better Bass Anglers.