More Fishing, More Experimentation

We got in more fishing than ever this past year and along with that, we did a fair amount of experimentation.  Fishing areas we have never tried before, using techniques that we had never used before with equipment that was new to us and documented more of our outings.  Our members will be the ultimate beneficiary of our ongoing “research” in the coming months.

I will tease things along a little and say that we “uncovered” some techniques that were shocking to us and will likely take some time for us to process and reveal.  But you can look forward to some of those “secrets” coming out in the upcoming year.

Teaser rig
A “teaser” rig was just one of the new things we were experimenting with.

Continued refinement of baits was a recurring theme, but more prevalent was continuing to refine ideas of location, positioning, presentation and integrating new technology into our fishing.  These topics will likely be at the forefront of our 2018 offerings.

“Spot-Lock” and “Track Follow” technologies highlighted the importance of studying and knowing what’s below you and understanding why bass use certain areas under certain conditions.

We pressed pretty hard on using new equipment, especially various combinations of rods and reels.  We took an open-minded approach to it, trying brands and models we had never tried before.  We shared bits and pieces of our findings this past year and want to bring you more in the coming year.

Testing speeds of various rods led to some interesting discoveries last year

Client Success

Beginning in the spring, GOA anglers got hot and stayed hot.  Our subscribers were winning events and finishing very high.  From local and regional events to national professional events.  We can’t take credit for all of that since it stands to reason that anglers that work hard would find themselves drawn to a website such as ours.

Whether GOA had a direct impact on angler success or successful anglers were subscribing to GOA, there was at least a correlation if not a causation.  Many of our members seemed to feel that their participation in GOA courses, consulting and coaching helped them connect the dots and become better anglers.

GOA anglers come from all different levels.  From the highest levels of professional bass fishing to non-tournament anglers and everything in between.  It became apparent that our customer was someone who was passionate about improving as an angler, regardless of their current level of success.

The Need for Anonymity

Prior to the pre fish I read through all of the GOA articles and watched some courses. After all of that review we came up with a theory that we thought might work. We compiled a whole lot of google earth info that we transferred to our graphs. Sure enough we went to practice and probably caught too many fish using goa’s teachings.  On the water we utilized new techniques that we learned from GOA and techniques we were comfortable with that we refined with the help of GOA. Our pre-fish pattern required us to side scan miles of structure and cover, prior to GOA I would not have known what I was looking at or looking for. Basically everything in our game plan came from knowledge that we picked up over a few months of working with the GOA program.

-goa member

One of the most apparent trends this past season was that most GOA members wanted to keep things on the down low.  They needed to keep things as private as possible for a couple of reasons.  First of all, anglers want to do it themselves.  We get that and it is one of the reasons why we don’t deal in passing out waypoints.  We insist that anglers learn the whys before the hows and that the wheres will take care of themselves.  Second, anglers believe that using GOA as a resource gives them an advantage.

Just like a secret bait, anglers are not often willing to pass along something that they believe gives them an edge.

Those issues can be frustrating to be sure, especially when wanting to grow your presence and hoping that some of the benefits would be spread by word of mouth, but we anticipated a certain reluctance of anglers to openly share would be part of the deal.  We fully respect the need for privacy and will continue to oblige all of our members with private correspondence whether it be via our courses or with our private consulting or one on one coaching.

Bring on the New Year!


  1. 2017 with GOA was a major eye opener. The courses I took along with additional study on my own, has not only taught me different techniques, tackle or baits. Most of all I have learned to read water, structure, cover and seasonal patterns of the species I so love to catch.

    Looking forward to more with GOA in 2018.


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