We just want to give you the best fishing content around.

No, we are not "Pros" and we don't have any sponsors.  We've played that game at the highest levels and have had some success and we really don't hold it against anyone who wants to play that game or is currently in that mode now.

But the bottom line is we love to fish, we love to experiment with new baits and new techniques and we especially LOVE to fish new places in new ways or at different times of year.  

All of us at Game Over Angling have some level of background in teaching and coaching.  We recognize that to teach is to learn and we love to learn about fishing.  What better way than to create a platform that exists to do just that - TEACH AND LEARN ABOUT FISHING.

By the way: The core founders at Game Over Angling used to compete in Bass tournaments.  For many years, we were extremely serious and competitive.  But now we are finding this new venture to be a way to scratch that competitive itch.  We are still working to become the  best there is at what we do.  

So we are stepping away from competing in tournaments in order to be 100% honest about what it takes to be successful.

Whether you love to fish now or would like to learn, you probably have an idea that nobody gets it right everytime.  By "success" we don't pretend we won every event, or that you will either.  We also don't pretend that every day out on the water was a success either with the size or numbers caught.  

Keep in mind: we are burned up with wanting to get better and share with you so you get better.

We don't think fishing is luck, but we recognize you can get lucky.  We don't believe in magic lures, or that you HAVE TO HAVE this rod or that reel, or that the size and speed of your boat will make you successful.  We believe that in the long run, consistent success and enjoyment with fishing is about knowledge.  Knowing the fish.  Knowing the bodies of water you visit.  Knowing your equipment.  

We don't believe that those who sell the products get to control the content.

We believe that those who are out there on the water; learning, succeeding, failing and learning again are what this sport is about.  Without you, fishing would turn into a giant product promotion game and be built around the false notion that you have to buy "X" or "Y" to have success.  

The formula for success:  Find fish first, then use the tools you have in the best way possible to catch them.  

We are not saying that baits, boats, rods and reels aren't important, sometimes these things are critical.  

Knowledge about fish behavior and the available structure and cover at any given lake or river is at the core of fishing success.

So if you end up buying a product because of something you learned here, then great.  Just understand that isn't our intent.  It is just as important that you understand what NOT to buy or that you don't have to have it to do well.  

Examples of bass catches and the takeaway

Below are three different pictures of three different bass.  Each one was caught, not with a secret bait or high dollar rod or reel.  Those things are all fun to have and talk about, but NOT WHY THESE FISH WERE CAUGHT.

8lb largemouth caught on a swim jig/swim bait combo using the "wrong" equipment

7lb smallmouth caught on a soft jerkbait.  The specific spot where this was caught has given up 3 other smallmouth all over 7 lbs!

7lb largemouth caught on a jig at a new location found by map study  This one area produced multiple largemouth over 6 lbs last year

We believe we can be that resource that helps bring fishing out of the mystical realm of half-truths, secret potions and old-wives tales.

By joining, you are helping us bring you the content that will really help you as an angler.

We understand that not everyone has the same motivations for why they want to catch fish and not everyone has the time or interest in fishing to dedicate the same to it.  

Regardless of your motivations, we feel like there is a place for you on Game Over Angling.

Whether your goal is to simply catch a few more fish, or finally begin to master that one lake or river that has given you fits over the years, or maybe learn how to use equipment that you spent thousands of dollars on - we are here to help

Since we can't do this all for free and since anything good has a price...

We are offering a Memberships to Game Over Angling

  • FULL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP - Gives you access to all of the articles and videos on Game Over Angling.  The simple, easy solution for many who just want access to the articles and videos.  

In addition we are also offering Courses.  Courses are available for any member to purchase.  Courses will be led by an instructor who has spent considerable time and has a bunch of experience with the topic of the course.  That may be a particular body of water, or a unique technique or a "how to" on some specialized equipment.  

Courses are an optional feature of GOA

Courses contain similar content as regular blog posts (articles/video).  The difference is that when you enroll in a course, the content is even more detailed and in-depth.  Also, in a course you will have greater access to your "instructor" or "coach".  All communications in a course are private and confidential.  

Courses are meant to take an angler from "A to B".  Courses can be designed for small groups or even individuals.  Most courses will be limited in size and ensure the kind of 1-on-1 interaction that makes the experience worthwhile.  

Courses are designed for select anglers who want to see improvement on a certain body of water or with a certain technique or who want to develop into a better tournament angler.  

Courses might not be something for you and again why we are offering a membership that gives you access to all of our regular content.  Change your mind?  Cool, purchase courses if and when you are ready.

Below is a look at our current course offerings: